No news is good news!

I was looking at the website today and realized there haven’t been any updates since 2019 – well, we’re still here, and everything has been working great.  We just haven’t had anything to report lately!  If you’re looking for email for your business or just a personal address that isn’t getting snooped on by big brothers Google or Microsoft, we’re here for you!

Server Maintenance

Our main server is down for emergency maintenance this morning. We apologize for the downtime yesterday and again today. We hope to have services restored soon.

Inbound email delivery issue

Good afternoon.  Inbound email services were not working properly earlier today because of a outage with our anti-spam service provider.  Email was delivered intermittently through the late morning and early afternoon, but services seem to be fully restored now.

POODLE Vulnerability Statement

Our email services were vulnerable to the POODLE attack, but patched just hours after the announcement of the fix.  We no longer accept SSLv2 or SSLv3 requests.  Be sure your clients are set to have TLS encryption instead of SSL encryption protocols.

Migrating to new server

Our current server has put in its time and as happy as it’s been, it’s time to deploy a new server for preventative maintenance.  All email will be retained.  The new server has more memory, faster processors, and we’ll be transitioning from OpenVZ virtualization to VMWare, which will allow us to do some cool things that I won’t bother explaining in this post.  The server is currently offline, but we hope to have it back online by 2am tomorrow.

Inbound Anti-Spam Server

If we host email for your domain name, you’ll want to set your MX record on your domain to:

Please notify us when you’ve done this so that we know to configure our anti-spam server accordingly.  If you need assistance with making this change, we would be more than happy to do it for you.  We suggest you temporarily change your password to your DNS provider – normally GoDaddy, Network Solutions, Amazon, etc – let us know the password, we’ll make the change, and then you can change your password back to whatever it was prior to our work.  There is no charge for this service.

SSL Certificate Deployed

Finally!  At long last, we have deployed a valid SSL certificate on our email server.  You’ll need to change your server name for POP, IMAP or SMTP from whatever you’re using now to “” — if you use the web interface, you’ll want to bookmark